Prime Minister Modi Wears Recycled Jacket at G7 Summit

During a visit to Japan’s Hiroshima region, for the G7 Summit, Prime Minister Modi of India made a remarkable environmental statement by wearing a jacket made from recycled materials. This unconventional fashion choice gained attention and admiration from participants and observers.

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G7 Summit brings together world leaders from seven influential countries to discuss global challenges. This year’s summit focused on finding sustainable solutions to combat climate change and protect the planet.

Prime Minister Modi’s jacket, crafted entirely from recycled fabric, showcased his commitment to environmental conservation and promoting sustainable practices. By wearing this unique attire, he conveyed a powerful message about the importance of recycling and upcycling materials.

The jacket, created by skilled artisans, reflects India’s rich tradition of handicrafts and its dedication to sustainable fashion. It symbolizes the nation’s efforts to reduce waste and minimize the fashion industry’s negative impact on the environment.

By choosing to wear the recycled jacket at the G7 Summit, Prime Minister Modi emphasized the significance of sustainable development. It highlighted the need for world leaders to prioritize environmentally friendly policies and practices, taking collective responsibility to protect and preserve the planet for future generations.

Prime Minister Modi’s choice of recycled fashion sets an inspiring example for individuals and governments worldwide. It demonstrates that sustainable choices can be fashionable, promoting the idea that environmental consciousness does not require sacrificing style or elegance.

The jacket also serves as a reminder of India’s commitment to address climate change and fulfill its obligations under the Paris Agreement. India has been actively promoting renewable energy sources, implementing clean energy projects, and encouraging sustainable development across various sectors.

Prime Minister Modi’s fashion statement goes beyond the Summit itself. It sparks conversations about the importance of recycling, encouraging individuals to reconsider their consumption patterns and make sustainable choices in their daily lives.

The global community has welcomed Prime Minister Modi’s eco-friendly gesture, recognizing it as a significant step towards a more sustainable future. It encourages increased collaboration and innovation in environmental conservation and sustainable fashion.

Prime Minister Modi’s decision to wear a jacket made from recycled materials at the G7 Summit sends a powerful message of environmental responsibility. It urges leaders and citizens worldwide to prioritize sustainability. By embracing recycled fashion, he champions the idea that every individual can contribute to creating a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable planet.


In conclusion, Prime Minister Modi’s recycled jacket symbolizes India’s commitment to environmental preservation and sustainable practices. It serves as a beacon of hope, inspiring global leaders and citizens to embrace sustainability and work together towards a better future for our planet.