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Khaanapackaging caters to a wide range of industries, which include brands from the Cloud Kitchen, Restaurants, Bakeries, Sweet Shops, Catering Services, Household Supply, Medical and Hygiene, and more. At khaanapackaging, we provide the best quality food packaging boxes and products.

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The Sustainable Choice of Wooden Cutlery

Embracing the Eco-Friendly Revolution: The Sustainable Choice of Wooden Cutlery...

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Why Food Packaging Boxes are Important?

Why Food Packaging Boxes are Important? Enhancing Your Brand with...

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Prime Minister Modi Wears Recycled Jacket at G7 Summit

During a visit to Japan’s Hiroshima region, for the G7...

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NERA GLOBAL INC. owns the brand khaanapackaging.com. In 2018, we started our business with the goal of making food packaging boxes more attractive, cheap, safe for food, and easy to use. We started out with a small number of goods and resources, and then we put our products on the regional market.Soon, our food packaging containers and products became well-known, and big orders started coming in. We expanded our product line based on what our customers wanted, and we keep making improvements based on what they want. 

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