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How we become the best quality food packaging containers manufacturers

NERA GLOBAL INC. owns the brand In 2018, we started our business with the goal of making food packaging boxes more attractive, cheap, safe for food, and easy to use. We started out with a small number of goods and resources, and then we put our products on the regional market.

Soon, our disposable food containers became well-known, and big orders started coming in. We expanded our product line based on what our customers wanted, and we keep making improvements based on what they want.

Proficiency is another thing we never compromise on. Each member of our team possesses a high level of knowledge in their particular field of work. We have consistently been at the top of the customer satisfaction survey, and we assure that our clients will be fully satisfied with our services. The cost of the goods is a significant factor that goes hand in hand with quality when it comes to consumer happiness.

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Khaanapackaging is renowned for offering top-notch goods at incredibly low prices. Since creativity is important to us, we make sure to keep updated with all the latest market and technological changes. Our ability to consistently impress our customers is unparalleled because we have a team that is passionate about the company’s goal.

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Our Mission

Khaanapackaging firmly believes in maintaining a pollution-free environment. We have developed an eco-friendly solution for disposable food containers by pushing this belief further and turning it into change-worthy acts in the hopes of seeing a favorable outcome. 

Our services are available to everyone, including Cloud Kitchen, Restaurants, Bakeries, Sweet Shops, Catering Services, Household Supply, Medical and Hygienekhaanapackaging offers high-quality products supported by cutting-edge technology and a competent workforce.

Our Vision

Safety, sustainability, innovation, personalization, and a positive impact on the world are the main pillars of our strategy for the production of food packing box. 

We are committed to leading the way in the industry’s transformation for the better, and we cordially encourage you to accompany us on this exciting journey to a future of safer, more environmentally friendly, and inventive food packaging. One parcel at a time, working together, we can change the world.

At Khaanapackaging, we think that food packaging is a big part of how the food business will change in the future. As a top maker of food packaging products, our goal is to change the way food is packaged by making sure safety, sustainability, and new ideas are used at every step.

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Our wide range of products for food packaging​ products

As one of the leading manufacturers, exporters, traders, and wholesalers of a wide range of food packaging boxes for fresh eatable like pizza packaging box, burger box, french fries box, wrap box, dosa packaging box, biryani packing box, sandwich box, cake box packaging, Carry Bags, pastry box, Wooden Cutleries including some delicate items like PINE BOATS, Biodegradable Disposables, Plastic Products, etc. Our selection of products are praised and accepted for being good for the environment, reusable, durable, and beautifully designed.

Why khaanapackaging is the best manufacturer for Disposable Food Containers

The method used to make disposable food containers is directly related to the quality of the end result. As a result, we carefully craft a proposal and put in countless hours of effort in order to realize our goals. That’s how we end up with a product that’s both long-lasting and well-liked by its target audience.

Customer happiness is our top priority, so we priorities providing high-quality services at reasonable rates. With this in mind, we can always count on meeting our deadlines successfully. The Manufacturing department gave 100% to maintain the company’s reputation.

Maintaining a focus on quality ensures that deliveries will always go off without a hitch, no matter how dire the weather. Experts perform regular checks in order to monitor the smallest of aspects. During the making process, there are several checkpoints to make sure that each step is done right. This also lets us look at our mistakes so we can improve in the future.

Our team makes sure to answer all of our customers’ questions and meet all of their needs as soon as possible. This also makes our relationship with our customers stronger.At khaanapackaging we create customized products for food packaging.

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