European Lawmakers Take Action To Combat Packaging Waste

In recent years, the amount of packaging waste generated in Europe has increased significantly. To address this issue, European lawmakers are taking steps to combat packaging waste and promote sustainable packaging.

European Union (EU) lawmakers are at odds over how to tackle the issue of packaging waste. The European Parliament’s environment committee has proposed a new set of targets to reduce packaging waste, but the packaging industry is pushing back against the proposals.


The environment committee’s proposals would require EU member states to ensure that all packaging is recycled by 2030, with specific targets for different materials such as plastic, paper, and glass. The proposals also include measures to reduce food waste, such as clearer labeling of expiry dates and better coordination between retailers and food banks.


However, the packaging industry has criticized the proposals, saying that they are unrealistic and will place an unnecessary burden on businesses. Some industry groups have suggested that the targets should be less ambitious and that more emphasis should be placed on voluntary measures and education campaigns.


The debate over packaging waste is likely to continue in the coming months as EU lawmakers try to reach a consensus on how best to tackle the issue. While there is broad agreement that something needs to be done to reduce the amount of packaging waste that ends up in landfill, there are significant differences of opinion on how to achieve this goal.

In the meantime, consumers can help to reduce packaging waste by choosing products with minimal or recyclable packaging, and by making an effort to recycle as much as possible.